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14162 Road 3
Pandora, OH, 45877
United States


About The Farm

Luginbill Family Farm is owned and operated by Gary and Rebecca Luginbill and our two sons, Jacob and Ethan Luginbill.

We offer totally grass finished beef and lamb. We also raise pastured chickens, turkeys, pork, and have a flock of pastured hens for high quality eggs.

Our farm is starting it’s 12th year since transitioning from row crop farming and confinement raising of livestock. We know that our pasture raised meats and eggs are higher in quality and nutrition compared to confinement raised meats and eggs.

When eating grass fed and pasture raised meats, the meat flavor can change with the seasons and what is growing during that season. That is something that consumers are not used to with store bought meats from confinement animals that are fed the same diets their whole life. Call or email us to try out our pasture raised nutrient dense meats.

Our mission is to provide nutritionally superior food.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” – Hippocrates

“The biggest factor of our overall health is the food we eat.” – WC Douglas MD

Check these websites for more information on the advantages of pasture raised meats and good nutritional information.